Cole Shepherd

Passionate software engineer with experience in full-stack web development and game development.

Work Experience, Education, and Skills

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Personal Projects


Online music theory lessons & interactive exercises.

Built with TypeScript, React, Node.js, MongoDB, and Stripe.


Explore the world of Morrowind with a keyboard and mouse or a VR headset in the Unity game engine.

Technical Details:

  • Written in C#.
  • Custom loaders for Morrowind's proprietary file formats and for DDS textures.
  • Asynchronous loading of assets on background threads while the viewer is running.
  • Object creation is spread out over several frames to reduce jitter, but executes only on the main thread due to limitations with Unity scripting API.
  • Persistent user-configurable settings.
  • Support for little-endian and big-endian CPUs.
  • Support for VR, courtesy of Yannick Comte.

12 Steps to Navier Stokes

Implementations of the 12 steps in Lorena Barba's course 12 Steps to Navier-Stokes.

Click here to view in your browser.

Technical Details:

  • Written in C++ with SDL 2.
  • Numerical PDE solvers and linear algebra written from scratch.
  • Supports compilation with emscripten. Try it here!



Interactive tools and media to inspire your mind.

Click here to view.


  • Interactive, shareable, multithreaded fractal renderers.
  • Interactive simple pendulum simulation.
  • Piano sight-reading trainer (incomplete).
  • A Verilog tutorial, taught through executable examples (incomplete).
  • A CSS box-shadow generator.
  • And more!
  • Written with React and TypeScript.



An open-source, Halo-inspired multiplayer FPS.

Technical Details:

  • Written in C# with Unity.
  • Client/server networking model with authoritative servers and client-side prediction.
  • Server-side lag compensation to improve hit detection for players with high latencies.
  • Custom, reflection-based RPC and state-synchronization code.
  • Delta-compression of state snapshots.